Marie Higgins

 Every time I read one of Marie Higgins' stories, I think it's the best story ever. Then I read another one of Marie Higgins' creations, and I come to the same conclusion. This proves that all of the author's writings are wonderful and beautiful. ~~ wattpad reader 

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COMING 12/13
Promises are meant to be broken.
But hearts are not.
Why then, do Nicholas and Lydia have a difficult time mending theirs?

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COMING 12/28

Whitney Brooks compares herself to Robin Hood. She steals from the rich to gives to the poor. But she only takes money from bad people. However, after she is crippled in a carriage accident, she must change her ways. Now, she is righting the wrongs in her life, and she ends up in Fort Benton, Montana. When she recognizes a man from her past, she fears U.S. Marshal Jake Sterling might just arrest her.


Although Jake Sterling is not a hero, he takes his job seriously and follows an outlaw to Fort Benton. Jake has a gut feeling that the outlaw is going to steal the rubies coming on one of the steamboats. But the more he gets to know the woman who is lovelier than a desert rose, the more he believes she is a thief and working side-by-side with the outlaw. How can he tell his heart that Whitney isn’t the woman for him, when her passionate kisses tell him differently?

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