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Marie Higgins

* Your books are very addicting! The main drawback? Lack of sleep and undone chores . ~ Wattpad reader

* Can you please tell me how you do this every time? I mean whichever story I read, it just weaves a magical cocoon around me, making me forget everything except for the characters and the need to read it asap. I am a huge fan of your writing. Your stories and their characters always leave a long-lasting impression on my heart and mind as well. Truly fabulous you are as a writer. Pure magic. Can't wait to go on another magical ride with you again. ~ Amazon reader



Coming 2/23

MarieHiggins_AGovernesstoProtect (1).jpg

Coming 3/31/23

MarieHiggins_AMaidentoRemember (1).jpg

Coming 6/27/23

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