Marie Higgins

Every time I read one of Marie Higgins' stories, I think it's the best story ever. Then I read another one of Marie Higgins' creations, and I come to the same conclusion. This proves that all of the author's writings are wonderful and beautiful. ~~ wattpad reader 

Marie Higgins has a gift for storytelling. I love when I find a story I can enjoy thoroughly.~ Reader




Joel Easton is given an ultimatum by his grandfather - find a wife or lose his position in the lumber company that his grandfather owns. There is always the option of finding a mail-order bride like his younger brother, Maverick had married, but Joel's heart hasn't healed since his own bride-to-be left him standing at the altar four years ago. 

Maranda Price is running away from yet another wedding, but this time it's her choice, not her parents. She made plans to stay at a friend's family cabin and keep out of sight until the scandal blows over, but instead... she finds herself injured and waking up with no memory as a handsome man with anger issues takes care of her. She gets the feeling she knows Joel Easton from somewhere. If only her memory could return before she falls in love with him.