Marie Higgins

Every time I read one of Marie Higgins' stories, I think it's the best story ever. Then I read another one of Marie Higgins' creations, and I come to the same conclusion. This proves that all of the author's writings are wonderful and beautiful. ~~ wattpad reader 




Terrick Wentworth has loved Bella Walsh since she was sixteen-years-old. Unfortunately, she has no memory of this. Years ago, an accident left Terrick horribly scarred, and he knows the possibility of rekindling their love is hopeless. After all, he is nothing more than a beast. When the opportunity to bring Bella into his employ presents itself, he cannot resist extending an offer.

Bella Walsh desperately needs money to help her ailing father. Almost as desperately, she desires answers. Seven years ago, she was abducted – and blessedly recovered – but she has no memory of the experience. The answers she craves lie with the Wentworth Estate, and when the scarred and brooding Terrick Wentworth extends an offer of employment, the offer to satisfy both needs is irresistible. However, a monster lurks in the forest surrounding the estate, and when Bella arrives, the beast follows her relentlessly with its steely eyes. Bella is told this isn’t the first time she's encountered the creature, and that she was discovered in it’s lair after she was abducted all those years ago.

Can Bella uncover the true identity of her beast and slay it before it destroys her once and for all?