Marie Higgins

Every time I read one of Marie Higgins' stories, I think it's the best story ever. Then I read another one of Marie Higgins' creations, and I come to the same conclusion. This proves that all of the authors writings are wonderful and beautiful. ~~ wattpad reader 



Release Date: 9/5/19
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Pinkerton Agent Vincent Brooks wants only one thing – to stop the southern rebels from uprising and creating another war. His assignment is to be the temporary sheriff of Bonham, Texas, which seems easy enough… until he runs across a woman he’d met eight months earlier, Frances Carlton, sneaking around in the dark, spying on the bank. Not only is the confounded woman following him around and prying into his Pinkerton business, but she has a strange way of filling his mind with desirous thoughts that shouldn’t be there. He can’t be distracted, and yet she seems to accomplish being his greatest diversion quite well.


Frances Carlton is determined to show Agent Brooks that she would make an excellent Pinkerton agent. Eventually, she’d make him a wonderful wife, too. However, the stubborn man refuses her help, and he reminds her of that every time she gets in his way. It’s difficult to focus on catching the outlaws when Vincent is around since he seeks out her kisses almost on a daily basis. Now it is up to her to change his mind – and his heart.


Release date 9/10/19

As a physical therapist, Christine McKenna is committed to helping her patients find their healing path. Coming off the end of a nasty divorce, however, she may be the one in need of healing. When she meets Aedan, it’s clear he’d be happy to help her in that regard, but her heart isn’t ready to trust men again. With the skeletons hiding in her closet, she may never open her heart to another again.

Aedan Donovan has a bad habit of pursuing women that he can’t – or shouldn’t – have. His penchant for unavailable women has a tendency to land him in a lot of trouble, and this time it’s gotten him hurt and in for a long haul of physical therapy. The moment he lays eyes on his therapist, he’s smitten, and for once, the girl he’s attracted to is available. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to feel the same way about him. Despite her initial rejection, Aedan can’t deny that there is something in Christine’s eyes that tell him she’s worth fighting for.

Release date 9/18/19

Sabine Clayborne is running from someone she’s never met before, but they are after a keepsake given to her by her father. She must do everything she can to keep it out of the thief’s hands. When she stumbles upon a man from her past, she’s hesitant to believe he is the man who will help her. He’d broken her heart once, and she isn’t about to let him do it again.

Bounty Hunter, Grange Keller is looking for a woman from his past. He’s being paid to find her, but it’s his conscience that tells him to help her instead. There was a reason he left her years ago, but now he needs to protect her. People are after her inheritance – a treasure she never knew she had. Can he do his job without losing his heart?