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Can lost love ever be rekindled?

Kelsey Warren had broken off her engagement six years ago, which had been the worst mistake of her life. She runs into him again unexpectedly, only to find out that he is the best man at her friend’s wedding… and Kelsey will have to walk down the aisle with Dr. Derrick Langston. Yet, there have been too many years between them. She doesn’t dare love again.


He has thought of her as his best friend, but what if he wants more?

Physical Therapist Amber Langston goes to her best friend’s aid when he needs her to fix his shoulder but ends up spending the whole holiday weekend with him as he searches for his biological father. Although she doesn’t want to ruin a good friendship, she thinks of him as more than a friend and longs for his passionate kisses.

Cade Love, starting pitcher of the Chicago Bullets baseball team, is thrilled when he meets a new fan… until she tells him that he has a father he never knew about. Determined to find out if the middle-aged woman is lying to him, Cade convinces Amber to go with him. Being with her was an emotional roller coaster, but it brought them closer. But love isn’t meant for them. He’s good friends with her brother, and there is a bro-code. Cade can’t fall in love with Amber. There’s too much at stake.

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