When Adrianna Olsen agrees to play the role of her super-model twin sister, she figures it’s a reasonable price to pay for an entire month living the high life in Venice - which is incidentally, one of the items on her bucket list. What Adrianna isn’t prepared for is the Italian billionaire, Gabriele Marcelli, who swoops in and makes her feel things she's never experienced before. For one whole month, she’s tasked with transforming herself into her sister, but how can she pretend to be Valerie when Adrianna is falling hard and fast for the hypnotic Gabriele?

Revenge is the only motive Gabriele Marcelli has in mind for Valerie Olsen. The cruel vixen crushed his best friend two years before, and Gabriele intends to take advantage of the opportunity to get close to Valerie and give her a taste of her own medicine. Gabriele lays the charm on thick and is gratified when Valerie falls right into his hands. He’s confused, however, by the sweet and naive Valerie he finds himself spending time with. She hardly acts like the cold woman who broke his friend’s heart. Is this all part of her game?