​Ten Ways to Get a Man - A Modern-Day Fairytale (Cinderella's tale)


Cynthia Randall's neighbor is all wrong for her. Rich and handsome, Damien Giovanni's love 'em and leave 'em lifestyle isn't a fit for her. Cyndi wants it all—the love, the romance, the white picket fence, and someday children. When the new Channel Nine Anchorman shows up at her station, Cyndi sets her sights on her old high school crush, Maxwell Harrington. Of course, he doesn't remember her, but thanks to the Internet, Cyndi is armed and ready to make him her boyfriend—an easy no-fail method "Ten Ways to Win a Man".Damien knows Max plays fast and loose, and Damien refuses to let Cyndi's heart be broken again. He offers to help her—to be her own fairy godmother. Although her boss and two co-workers make her feel like Cinderella at times, he’d going to get closer to Cyndi and show her the wonderful woman he knows she is…and yes, he wants to win her heart.But which man will Cyndi want? It's easy to lose track of who's wrong or right.