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Regency Romance


Loving a Scoundrel - Regency Romance 

(book 1)

Lord William Dorsey is determined to save his older brother, the Earl of Hanover, from farthing-filcher women, since he has experienced just how heartless they can be. After he and his brother move into their new manor house, Lord William decides to use his middle name and introduce himself as Adrian Dorsey, a distant penniless cousin. When he meets Miss Lyndsey Benson, he’s intrigued by her bold personality and plans to learn more about her. During the party, he sneaks a kiss – or two –and now he’s smitten. Yet, she seems more interested in his brother. Can Adrian prove that he’s the right man for her?

As the eldest daughter in a family of four girls, Lyndsey Benson accepts the responsibility of finding a wealthy husband to help her family. The Earl of Hanover seems to be the answer to their prayers. Unfortunately, she’s not attracted to the earl, but to the scoundrel, Adrian Dorsey. When she finds out the truth about Adrian, will she give him her heart or choose the earl and wealth to save her family?

Spin-off story

Roguishly Matched  (book 2)

Lady Adeline Kentwood is ready to put the past to rest now that it’s been a year since her husband died. But in order for her to finally feel free, she must confront the man who had stolen her heart and then stomped on it. Unfortunately, seeing him after all this time only opened past wounds that she wanted to forget. Can she forgive him for his past transgressions so she can help the man she both loathes and loves? 

Lord Hanover, Collin Dorsey, recently inherited a new title. That title brings him back into contact with the woman he’s never stop loving, but the one who now hates him. When he’s viciously attacked near her home, he awakens with no memory of who she is. Yet, his heart tells him that the heartbroken woman who lives in his manor is the one who holds his heart. If he regains his full memory, where will their rekindled spark of attraction lead them?


Loving a Rogue (book 3)

What more can the second daughter of a baron hope to gain in life than becoming the companion of Dowager Duchess of Englewood? Especially, when she was resigned to become a spinster? However, misfortune strikes Priscilla Benson’s world once again, when one of the men who had broken her heart, returns and brings more havoc. She’s determined not to let the rogue steal her heart again. And yet, she finds she’s drawn to him more now than ever before.


Gavin Hamilton’s new title as Duke of Englewood is more difficult than he could ever imagine. Not only did he have to straighten up his own wayward life, but now he needs to repair the damage done by his deceased father, to his family’s name. But when Gavin gets caught in a scandalous situation with his grandmother’s new lady’s companion, he must not return to his former life as a rogue. Instead, he’ll do everything he can to make her look at him as a true gentleman.

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Loving a Charmer (Book 4)

Lord Malcolm Thornton, an agent for the Crown, was not looking for romance. His life was too busy for a relationship… or so he told the woman he suspected was the French spy he’d been looking for. But a kiss that shouldn’t have happened led to more than just friendship. The irresistible charming woman wouldn’t leave his mind, and he wasn’t looking forward to catching her in a lie.

Miss Elizabeth “Lizzie” Benson was tired of men stomping on her heart and lying to her. Was there none out there who could be honest? When a stranger took her in his strong arms and comforted her one evening while she was crying, she thought she’d finally found the one. Unfortunately, he only wanted to be her friend. Perhaps that was exactly what she needed to mend her heart. If only he would stop looking at her with passion in his eyes…

Can Lizzie and Malcolm find what they’re looking for in each other while attending Queen Victoria’s Winter Festival? This event would either bring them together – or ruin their lives forever.

Book 5


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