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Love's Wager

Spin-off from the series "Gems of the West"

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He will do anything to find his target, even charm the thief’s sister.

As a Pinkerton Agent for the New York City office, Levi Montgomery has been searching for a jewel thief, and he is running out of time. In desperation, he disguises himself as the missing thief’s friend to assist Gretta Barrington, Countess of Brinley from England, in searching for her brother. Soon Levi finds himself in a tangled web of deceit, especially feeling his heart skips when he is with the countess—and that is not what he wants.

Gretta doesn’t know if she can trust her brother’s friend, only because she has caught him in a lie. Fearing for her brother’s life, she had no choice but to allow Levi Montgomery to assist her. However, to prevent a scandal, she appoints him her servant. But being a countess, she isn’t supposed to have feelings of desire for her footman.

Will love’s wager be more than they can handle?
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Cara Bartlett wants to be a businesswoman, even if the town looks down on her. When her grandfather leaves his lumber business to Cara and her brother, she finally believes her dream will come true… Until she meets the stubborn Harrison Holt who claims he owns half of the land since he won it from her brother in a card game. She doesn’t want to give him an inch, however, perhaps striking a bargain with the irritatingly handsome man might be to her advantage.
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