Can the death of a loved one bring two strangers together?

Cole Langston thought he’d found the woman to marry, but her sudden death left a hole in his heart that he didn’t think anyone could replace. His odd dreams of his deceased girlfriend led him to her best friend, Ashley Turner. Yet, Cole keeps hearing his girlfriend’s voice in his head, urging him to help Ashley. He has two choices – believe that he’s gone insane, or follow the promptings.

Ashley is grief-stricken from her best friend’s death, thinking that if only she had kept a better watch over her friend, she’d still be alive. Suffering from her own bad relationships, she’s not anxious to start dating again. But when she meets Cole for the first time, she sees why her friend had fallen in love. Yet, there’s more to her friend’s death than she realizes, and together, Ashley and Cole search for answers. Both can feel their dead friend helping them with the dangerous journey.