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American Historical Nurses

Mitch's Nurse (625 × 1000 px) (1).jpg
Nurse Lydia Simmons is assigned to a hospital in Laramie, Wyoming. She’s dedicated her life to caring for the sick and wounded, but when she meets a soldier, known only as Mitch, she is particularly drawn to him. Mitch has lost his memories and is desperate to re-discover himself. Lydia strives to help him, and soon finds herself falling for this lost soul, despite the fact that her heart belongs to another. A part of her fears what will be discovered if she helps Mitch find his memories. What secrets lurk in his darkened mind? Does he have a wife? A family? As glimpses of his past begin to surface, Lydia begins to wonder if helping him uncover his memories will be his downfall... or hers?
Wyatt's Nurse (625 × 1000 px).jpg
Jessica Simone has earned her nursing degree, and when she’s sent to a hospital in Nebraska, she feels the Lord had blessed her. Her fiancé who had been reported missing during the Civil War is alive and in the hospital. Although Wyatt's face is bandaged, she doesn’t need to see him to know that he’s the man she loves. If only he would remember her…
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