​Once Enchanted (Victorian Romance)

(Rapunzel's story)


Once upon a time...The time had come for Princess Arabella to find a husband--or so her parents tell her. The shy and somewhat clumsy, Prince Ormond from a neighboring kingdom, is a contender. Arabella knows she'll never fall in love with him, much less accept him as a husband. And yet...seemingly, in a split second, she changes her mind.Ryder Grey has known Arabella since childhood and cannot understand the sudden change from the girl he once adored to the woman he sees now. How can she be in love with the meek Prince Ormond? Ryder begins to investigate and discovers that a reclusive witch has Arabella under her spell. When Arabella's childhood friend begins to interfere with her budding romance with Prince Ormond, she takes action and locks Ryder in a little known tower in the forest until she and Ormond can marry.Forgotten in the tower by all but the rats, can Ryder enchant Arabella and break the sinister spell? His chances do not look favorable.