Historical Romance



The ultimatum has been set...

Frances Ramsbury has exactly one month to find a husband. If she doesn’t, her father will betroth her to her stepmother’s vile nephew. Frances knows she’ll never find a man equal to the fiancé she lost in the war, but she’s unwilling to tie herself to a man she loathes. Out of options, Frances does the unthinkable when she runs into her childhood friend, Nash Wolverton, and makes him a proposal of marriage in name only. Will the rogue accept the bargain she’s offered?


Starting a new life…

Newly appointed Earl of Englewood, Nash Wolverton, has no desire to marry and tie himself to one woman. However, he doesn’t like the idea of Frances settling for just anyone, either. The more time Nash spends with Frances, the more he comes to realize that he wants her for his own after all. But when he’s threatened to stay away from Lady Frances—or die—Nash doesn’t know whether to release her and allow her to be happy, or fight for the woman he has fallen in love with.

"HAUNTING SECRETS" (Victorian Paranormal)


Victoria Fawson desperately needs answers about her father’s death. When she visits the Maitland Manor to discover those answers, she finds only secrets…haunting secrets that leave her wondering who she can trust. Should she trust her feelings for the one man who hides from the world—the man who might put her in danger?Justin Maitland hasn’t been human for over a year. He knows things about his family—things that could destroy Victoria. The only way to help her is to send her back home without learning anything. Yet, how can he let her go when he’s given her his heart?​


"BECOMING A LADY" (Regency Romance / Christmas story)


Dorothy Paxton is not pleased when a handsome Englishman walks into her inn and announces he's taking her to England to reunite her with the grandfather who turned his back on her years ago. Her escort, Calvin Seton, bribes her by paying her brother's doctor's bills, and soon she's on the ship sailing for London. Little by little, Calvin's charm softens her heart. While her lady's companion teaches her to become a lady, Dorothy is secretly wondering if the price of love is worth it. Especially when she knows Calvin will walk out of her life as soon as they reach England. Can she afford the cost of love?

"AIM FOR THE HEART"  (Roaring 20's Suspense)


Monica Jewell is determined to find the man who murdered her stepfather—even if she has to work undercover to do it. She suspects one of Chicago’s top mobster leaders to be the killer. Justice needs to be served even if she does it herself. When she meets the mobster’s incredibly handsome chauffeur, Anthony Kelly, she worries he’ll become her worst distraction, especially, when he takes liberties with her and steals a kiss—a kiss that confuses her greatly. He works for the mob, which makes him a criminal, too. He’s already stolen her heart. What other crime will he commit?