If you've read "Loving the Billionaire" and "Kissing the Billionaire" then you'll recognize the characters in this story. This is Liam Hawke and Kenna Allen's story...

Mixing danger with love can only work for so long.


Police Detective, Kenna Allen's new assignment will drive her crazy - if she doesn't shoot her new partner, first. Liam Hawke is gorgeous, and he distracts her in the worst way. How can she focus on the new case and find the killer if she's always keeping an eye on Hawke?


Newly acquired billionaire, Liam Hawke, wants to continue his blue-collar job, mainly because he loves hunting down the bad guys. But currently, his new partner, the uptight, ice-cold Kenna, is the one who is a pain in his backside. He wishes she would act more like the women he dates. Then again, his heart might be in danger if that happens. Yet, in their new assignment as an engaged couple, he's watching her more than he'd bargained for.


Dodging bullets isn't the best way to fall in love, and that's only if they don't get killed first.