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Sweet Savannah Home - (Historical Western)

Surrender Your Heart

After a lifetime of heartache, Adam Hamilton knows bad luck follows him like a stray dog. He doesn’t dare get too close to anyone for fear something terrible will happen to them – like what happened when his wife and son died. After five years of drifting, Adam returns home to Savannah, Georgia, and learns his brother has been murdered. Determined to find answers, Adam decides to stay, but in his quest for truth, he’ll have to fight the ghosts of the past.


Emily Black races to Savannah after the sudden death of her sister’s husband. There Emily meets the cold hearted Adam Hamilton, and the man quickly proves to be an utter pain in her backside. However, as she gets to know him, she realizes the broken man is hiding beneath an aloof façade. Slowly, Emily softens toward him, determined to show him that good still exists in his life, and hoping he’ll include her in it.

The Reluctant Widow

Widowed not just once… not just twice… but three times, Summer Black isn’t about to pursue marriage again. She hears the whispers around town. The suspicion that she’s a cursed widow, and she’s intent to live out the rest of her days in solitude, sheltered from anymore heartache. However, when her driver runs over a strange man, Summer is honor bound to care for him, and she learns that fate might just have other plans for her. Will she listen? Or close herself off to new and promising possibilities forever?

Jesse Montgomery’s family is falling apart. One year after the death of his father, bill collectors are hounding his mother, and a fire has destroyed the family’s only source of income. Destitute and desperate, Jesse’s only hope is to beg his cousin’s widow for a loan. He’ll do anything to save his family… even make a bargain with the cursed widow.


Her Heart's Desire

Hannah Hamilton leaves her two small children with her sisters and travels to Texas to care for her injured aunt. Just as she arrives, she’s robbed and hit over the head, knocking her out. When she gains consciousness, she doesn’t remember anything – not even her name. The owners of a hotel tell her she’s Anna, a hotel maid they had hired and were waiting for to arrive on the train. Feeling lost and alone, the only thing that gives her a comforting feeling is the very handsome U.S. Marshal with dreamy eyes. Somehow her heart is connected to this man, but it frightens her that she might be falling for him too quickly.


Marshal Colt Montgomery can’t believe that bad luck has followed him to Texas. Seeing Hannah again brings back memories of when he was in love with her while she was married to his best friend. Colt had poured out his heart to her not long after her husband died, but she only wanted to be friends. Now, fate has thrown them together again, but this time, an outlaw is after her. Colt must do all he can to protect her from being killed. He also needs to do something to protect his heart, because as soon as she gains her memory, she’ll crush his dreams of ever being her husband, once again.

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