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The Suffrage Spinsters

Tired of being ignored and treated as inferior members of society, the brave women of the mid-1800’s decided to do something about it. They banded together to initiate what is now known as the Suffrage movement – the decades-long fight for women to achieve the right to vote. The stories in this fictional romance series feature strong heroines of this era who were unwilling to give up their collective voice in order to discover true love.

Jessie Spencer feels like a prisoner in her own home and wants the chance to be independent without her father’s spies watching her constantly. When she meets the incredibly handsome schoolteacher to work out issues with her younger brother, she’s smitten. However, no matter how much she wants to confide in him, he cannot know about the family’s secret. And he definitely cannot know that she wants to participate in the women’s suffrage movement.

Morgan Buchanan’s past is something he hides from everyone. It’s bad enough that wealthy women look down on him because he’s a schoolteacher, they don’t need to know how he was raised. But Jessie Spencer is different, and she intrigues him. He feels the need to help her and her brother, even if his heart gets involved.

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