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Carrie Porter doesn’t know what she’s lost until it’s gone. With her husband dead, and a young child to feed, she must rely on herself to improve her situation… or find a wealthy husband to care for her desolate family. When she chooses a man looking for a mail-order bride, she prays he will be her salvation.

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Blaze Murphy needs to get married to help her family stay in Last Chance, Nebraska. Finding a mail-order husband doesn’t give her much room for love. However, she’s already given her heart to her childhood friend, Colt Masterson… a man who isn’t ready to settle down. Yet, having him so near makes her realize that life without love is no life at all.


Widowed not just once… but twice, Sabina Walsh isn’t about to pursue marriage again. Last Chance, Nebraska, needs more men to help the town flourish, but she is not ready for marital heartache that always comes to her. Instead, she plans on living out the rest of her life sheltered from any man who might fall in love with her. It’s obvious that she is not supposed to have a husband ever again.

Levi Burke’s family needs his help. Times have been hard all over, but it’s up to him to find money to help for replanting the family’s corn fields. Destitute and desperate, Levi seeks out his deceased cousin’s wealthy widow in a small Nebraska town, praying the lord will guide his steps. What he finds is something that will not only challenge him, but he might just lose his heart along the way.

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Coming December 27th