Runaway Brides

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Hannah's Hardship - is the prequel to this series, even though the book is in a different series.

Hannah Ross wants only one thing – to leave her rotten hometown where the gossipmongers won’t stop spreading rumors, and to start a new life. Becoming a mail-order bride is the only way. Of course, she must not let her new husband know she’s pregnant. There’s no way to explain why a baby is growing in her belly. Instead, she must put her disastrous past behind her and move forward… even if that means she’ll never find a man to love.

Courtney Mills is not a murderer.
Of course, convincing her fiancé’s family that she had nothing to do with his death is a different matter. They are bound to put a noose around her neck, and she can’t defend herself. There is only one thing to do. Run far away and stay hidden. She needs a plan… Become a mail-order bride.

Denton Reed catches criminals for a living, and when a wealthy family hires him to find the number one suspect in their father’s murder, Denton jumps into action. But, it appears the only way to catch her is to convince her that he's part of her plan to become a mail-order bride. There’s no harm in pretending… or is there?
It all started with a kiss…
Monica Thompson is determined to find the man who murdered her father, even if she has to break some rules to do it. She suspects one of Montana’s wealthy businessmen to be the killer. Justice needs to be served even if she does it herself. But when she meets the businessman’s incredibly handsome guard, Anthony Keller, she worries he will become her worst distraction. Monica thinks she has things handled until he steals a kiss. It is all downhill from there…

Joel Easton is given an ultimatum by his grandfather - find a wife or lose his position in the lumber company that his grandfather owns. There is always the option of finding a mail-order bride like his younger brother, Maverick had married, but Joel's heart hasn't healed since his own bride-to-be left him standing at the altar four years ago. 

Maranda Price is running away from yet another wedding, but this time it's her choice, not her parents. She made plans to stay at a friend's family cabin and keep out of sight until the scandal blows over, but instead... she finds herself injured and waking up with no memory as a handsome man with anger issues takes care of her. She gets the feeling she knows Joel Easton from somewhere. If only her memory could return before she falls in love with him.

Nicole Blake is running for her life. Nobody can know she ended up in Stumptown. To keep with her disguise, she agrees to work with her cousin at a saloon, not knowing what she was getting herself in to. But when her cousin is suddenly murdered, Nicole feels alone in the strange town. The only person she can trust is her employer, Caleb West. Yet, can she trust him at all? If he ever discovered her secret, he would send her packing for sure. But, try as she might, she can’t fight the pull of attraction between them, especially when he is the first man ever to kiss her. Now she definitely can’t tell him the truth.

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When Victoria Swanson discovers her sister is going to be a mail-order bride, Victoria does what any older protective sister would do… kidnap the prospective groom in order to make sure he will be a good match for her sister. However, there was one problem with her plan that she didn’t foresee. How could she fall in love with the man who her sister wants to marry?