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When a woman is desperate, she’ll do almost anything to escape her prison.

Alexandria Templeton’s sheltered world has been terribly shaken. Her brother-in-law insists she find a husband as soon as possible. Being a wallflower, the mere idea of talking to available men makes her sick. But then when she is kidnapped and mistaken for her older sister, the Duchess of Linden, Alexandria is forced to act as one of the characters in the books she loves to read. Life is easier to manage if she can put herself in a fictional character’s perspective. Soon, she realizes her kidnapper—who has become her hero—needs her help, and her murderous cousin—who is the villain in this scenario—needs to be stopped.

Julian Stratford has a plan. He will steal the duchess and make her confess that her husband tried to kill him for a title. Once that is accomplished, Julian can take back his rightful place as the duke. Everything goes smoothly until he steals the wrong sister. Now it’s time for a new strategy.

Disaster endangers his well-thought-out plan but also threatens to destroy his heart.

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Maxey Langley has been tasked with finding the man who is responsible for killing her employer and stealing the earl’s family ring. Against her will, she and another servant search for Lord Wentworth’s younger brother Ignatius Burke who has been estranged from the family. As the Wentworth’s governess, what kind of skills does she have to find a murder suspect? None at all.

Nash Burke has lived as an opera singer for the past several years, keeping as far away from his family as possible. But when a beautiful governess comes looking for him and intends to inform the magistrate, charming the governess into thinking he is someone else is the only way to make her leave. Instead, the tables turn on him and she is the one stealing his heart.

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Ellie Middleton has exactly one month to find a husband. If she doesn’t, her father will betroth her to a vile man. Although her heart still belongs to the soldier who died in the war, she is willing to enter a loveless marriage. Out of options, Ellie does the unthinkable when she runs into her brother’s friend, Vincent Wallace, the Earl of Trenton, and boldly makes him a proposal of marriage in name only. Will the rogue accept the bargain she’s offered?


Vincent Wallace has no desire to marry and tie himself to one woman. However, he doesn’t like the idea of Ellie settling for just anyone, either. He can’t get her off his mind, and he desires her more than any women he’s ever known. But when he is threatened to stay away from Ellie or die, Vincent doesn’t know whether to release her and allow her to be happy or fight for the woman he has fallen in love with.

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