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There’s only one way to escape Cecily Sheldon’s insane family – take on someone else’s identity. Along with this new identity comes a new job. Of course, to become a Pinkerton Agent, she must marry a male agent who will train her. Now she needs to keep her true identity hidden from Broderick Tanner for fear he’ll arrest her along with her father and brothers. Perhaps living a double life wasn’t a good choice after all.



Evelynn Tanner, the local preacher’s daughter, has made one too many mistakes. Apparently, marching into a brothel to confront her unfaithful beau is considered unacceptable behavior for an unwed young lady, and her father has turned her out of his home! Evelynn must now find a means to support herself. Her cousin, Broderick Tanner, is a Pinkerton Agent, and she manages to convince him that she’d make an excellent addition to the agency’s female ranks. After all, Broderick’s wife, Cecily, is a Pinkerton as well.

On the train ride to Denver, Evelynn meets Graham Morgan, another agent – and an irritating one at that. In the midst of an argument, she falls off the back of the train, and Graham selflessly jumps off to save her. Evelynn quickly finds herself falling for this charming protector, but will he be true to her? Or is he really just another dishonest snake like the last man she’d loved?



Claudia Cummings will do anything to keep her family’s plantation from falling in her greedy cousin’s hands – even go as far as to accept a business arrangement – marriage in name only. However, she must make her family and friends believe she and Blake are happily married. Now the trick is trying to stop her heart from getting involved.


Pinkerton Agent, Blake Bentley, had been ignoring his superior’s telegrams about training a female agent as most of the other agents were doing. Of course, Blake would have to marry the woman, which was something he would never do. But as he tracked his latest criminal and met the very impudent, and extremely lovely, Miss Cummings, he changed his mind about marriage quickly. Besides, she would be able to help him catch his thief, as long as she didn’t try to take his heart, as well



Pinkerton Agent Vincent Brooks wants only one thing – to stop the southern rebels from uprising and creating another war. His assignment is to be the temporary sheriff of Bonham, Texas, which seems easy enough… until he runs across a woman he’d met eight months earlier, Francis Carlton, sneaking around in the dark, spying on the bank. Not only is the confounded woman following him around and prying into his Pinkerton business, but she has a strange way of filling his mind with desirous thoughts that shouldn’t be there. He can’t be distracted, and yet she seems to accomplish being his greatest diversion quite well.

Frances Carlton is determined to show Agent Brooks that she would make an excellent Pinkerton agent. Eventually, she’d make him a wonderful wife, too. However, the stubborn man refuses her help, and he reminds her of that every time she gets in his way. It’s difficult to focus on catching the outlaws when Vincent is around since he seeks out her kisses almost on a daily basis. Now it is up to her to change his mind – and his heart.



Scarlett St. John is a lonely rich woman who can’t seem to follow society’s rules on being proper. She relies on her grandfather and his servants to keep her entertained from day to day until… an ancient artifact is stolen from her grandfather and a Pinkerton Agent arrives to solve the crime. Although Travis Hancock is very handsome and charming, he had broken her heart as a young girl, and she doesn’t think she can forgive him. But when the Pinkerton agent involves her in the case of finding the priceless artifact, she’s anxious to find her grandfather’s ancient shield. Suddenly, the hunt becomes exciting and working with an agent isn’t that terrible. Quite the opposite, in fact. The sweetly conniving man just might change her mind about forgiving him after all.


An Agent for Hope

Hope’s fiancé is dead, and the only way she can repair her heart is to become a Pinkerton agent and marry her trainer – in name only, of course. But after working so closely with a man for several months as husband and wife, can she continue to guard her heart from someone who is completely different from her dead fiancé?

But then… different can be good, too.

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