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Paralegal, Elizabeth Martin, has two reasons for staying at a mysterious mansion – to help get the property ready to sell, and to investigate the rumors of the place. When she meets the very handsome, Aaron Powers, her suspicions arise. Something isn’t right, and she doesn’t know who to trust.

The heir to the Powers’ billions, Aaron Powers, is only after one thing. Revenge. He hopes the strikingly beautiful paralegal will help him find the murderer. Unfortunately, he can’t stop himself from becoming attached to her – both heart and soul.

Solving a murder is no magician’s trick, but can Elizabeth and Aaron see through the smoke and mirrors to bring the criminal to justice? And can they do it without their growing feelings for each other getting in the way?
He’s looking for an honest woman and true love. The beautiful woman he meets has secrets. Can he trust her with his heart?

She dreams of her ancestor’s past life who had been murdered. She can’t let anyone think she’s crazy or she’ll lose her reputation as a billionaire businesswoman.
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Carefree billionaire, Thomas Powers, is slacking in his duties. He’s living a wild lifestyle and letting the family winery business slip away from his priorities. It’s not until he meets a headstrong photographer when he realizes this is the first woman who doesn’t melt whenever she looks at him. It’s a challenge, but he’s determined to change her mind.

Morgan Foster is a photographer for a tabloid paper, and when she suspects there’s more to the story on one of her assignments, she’s determined to find out what is really happening. Unfortunately, that means she must work with the arrogant man who enjoys playing with women’s hearts. Being nice to him is difficult, only because she doesn’t want him to eventually capture her heart.
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Can the death of a loved one bring two strangers together?

Cole Langston thought he had found the woman to marry, but her sudden death left a hole in his heart that he didn’t think anyone could replace. His odd dreams of his deceased girlfriend led him to her best friend, Ashley Turner. Yet, Cole keeps hearing his girlfriend’s voice in his head, urging him to help Ashley. He has two choices – believe that he has gone insane or follow the promptings.

Ashley is grief-stricken from her best friend’s death, thinking that if only she had kept a better watch over her friend, she would still be alive. Suffering from her own bad relationships, Ashley is not anxious to start dating again. But when she meets Cole for the first time, she sees why her friend had fallen in love. There is more to her friend’s death than she realizes, and together, Ashley and Cole search for answers. Both can feel their dead friend helping them with the dangerous journey.
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