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Trying to stop her friend from marrying the wrong man gets Miss Regina Taylor in the worst predicament of her life – and the most pleasurable.
Miss Regina Taylor will do almost anything to keep her best friend from marrying a money-hungry man, but Lady Jane Meyers won’t hear the arguments being made. It’s not until Regina is ill and climbs into the wrong coach that she sees Mr. Wayne Nichols in a whole different light. She can’t seem to control herself, and her mind is everywhere at once. But when Mr. Nichols acts the same way, Regina suspects something is not right. 

Wayne believes he and Miss Taylor have been given Opium. Why else would they share a passionate moment away from the party? Yet, he can’t stop thinking about her and wanting to be with her again. For certain, someone has poisoned his mind.


Texas Ranger, Wyatt Donovan comes to Topeka, Kansas, to face his past heartaches. He works closely with the town marshal who needs help finding clues to why young women in his town are dying suddenly. When he meets his childhood friend’s sister after thirteen years, he’s more than ready to become the hero she sees in him.

Josette Allen was always an odd girl, but as a woman, her inquisitive mind makes the town believe she’s insane. Although her cousin, Elizabeth Brody, is shaping Josie into a lady while working at The Brody Hotel, her tomboy personality always takes the lead. When her childhood crush saunters into town, stirring up old feelings, Josie is ready to catch his eye. Unfortunately, the only thing she’s good at catching is mayhem.

Will she ever be the reason he has stars in his eyes… or will she always be the thorn in his side?

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Amelia Florence is determined to make her way to Spruce Hill on the Oregon Coast. Her heart tells her that is where she’ll find her grandparents. As a young girl, her parents sailed to Spain but never returned, leaving her traumatized, and with no family. As a widow and caring for her child, she craves family desperately. Along the way, she meets Chet Logan, a man heading toward the same place, who immediately proves he is a protector with a kind heart. But she soon discovers that he’s been following her for a purpose, and his confession is quite unsettling. However, he’s not the only one with secrets…

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