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Pinkerton agent, Dusty Sloan, isn’t just another cowboy who enjoys charming the ladies. He is dedicated to his job, especially when stolen diamonds and a stubborn woman are involved. Can he protect her and find the mystery of the stolen gems, or will his heart get involved?

Miss Callie Beckman needs to find her missing brother. Bad men have kidnapped him, and they have threatened her to not involve the law. Yet, how can she shake off the Pinkerton agent who is determined to be her knight in shining armor? If only Dusty's eyes weren’t so dreamy and his kisses so passionate, maybe she would be able to focus better on finding her brother.

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Paige Whiting sets out to find her father, but she runs into the one man she hoped to never see again. Can absence truly make her heart grow fonder?

Sheriff Jonah Garrison is determined to find those responsible for the disappearance of Paige’s father. Stolen sapphires are on Jonah’s list to find, but he never thought that this adventure with the woman who’d broken his heart would be so dangerous… and so wonderful at the same time.

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