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Diamonds (625 x 1000 px) (1).png

Pinkerton agent, Dusty Sloan, isn’t just another cowboy who enjoys charming the ladies. He is dedicated to his job, especially when stolen diamonds and a stubborn woman are involved. Can he protect her and find the mystery of the stolen gems, or will his heart get involved?

Miss Callie Beckman needs to find her missing brother. Bad men have kidnapped him, and they have threatened her to not involve the law. Yet, how can she shake off the Pinkerton agent who is determined to be her knight in shining armor? If only Dusty's eyes weren’t so dreamy and his kisses so passionate, maybe she would be able to focus better on finding her brother.

Sapphire and Silk 625x1000.png

Paige Whiting sets out to find her father, but she runs into the one man she hoped to never see again. Can absence truly make her heart grow fonder?

Sheriff Jonah Garrison is determined to find those responsible for the disappearance of Paige’s father. Stolen sapphires are on Jonah’s list to find, but he never thought that this adventure with the woman who’d broken his heart would be so dangerous… and so wonderful at the same time.

Rubies and Rivers (625 x 1000 px).png

Whitney Brooks compares herself to Robin Hood. She steals from the rich to give to the poor. But she only takes money from bad people. However, after she is crippled in a carriage accident, she must change her ways. Now, she is righting the wrongs in her life, and she ends up in Fort Benton, Montana. When she recognizes a man from her past, she fears U.S. Marshal Jake Sterling might just arrest her.


Although Jake Sterling is not a hero, he takes his job seriously and follows an outlaw to Fort Benton. Jake has a gut feeling that the outlaw will steal the rubies coming on one of the steamboats. But the more he gets to know the woman who is lovelier than a desert rose, the more he believes she is a thief and working side-by-side with the outlaw. How can he tell his heart that Whitney isn’t the woman for him when her passionate kisses tell him differently?

Emeralds and Evergreen (625 × 1000 px).png

Danger is afoot. Trust no one.

Texas Ranger, Dallas Sterling, has had nothing but trouble since being entrusted with a safe full of expensive rubies. All he wants to do is deliver them to Bozeman, Montana, then return to his home in Austin, Texas. For a delivery that was to be a secret, it seemed that all the bandits in Montana knew about the gems. However, a lovely lady who continues to get in his way, is also filling his thoughts.


New Pinkerton Agent, Emma Johnson, is traveling with her partner on a case to find the stolen emeralds. From what they’ve been told, the bandits are posing as lawmen. Wanting to make a good impression as an agent, she is determined to hogtie any bandit that remotely looks like a thief disguised as a lawman, especially if he’s traveling with a safe, like the so-called handsome Texas Ranger, Dallas Sterling.


With everyone trying to steal the gems, who will save whom?

Garnets & Gypsies (625 × 1000 px).png
Jades (625 × 1000 px).png
Opals (625 × 1000 px).png

When Grey Hamilton becomes lost on his journey back home, he stumbles into a gypsy's camp and meets a beautiful woman who captures his interest immediately. The Texas Ranger part of him feels she is running from the law, but his heart tells him he is in danger if he allows himself to fall in love. Which feeling will he believe?

Pretending comes with a price. So does living on the run.
Maggie Collings has been running for far too long from people who want to put her in prison. Finally, after two years, she finds a place to call home, and she’s able to be herself – to a point, anyway. But when she realizes one of the bounty hunters who has been after her is now working with the town’s sheriff, she is ready to run again. But then, he doesn’t recognize her. So, perhaps she will stay and watch him closely. And just maybe she can convince him that she is not the criminal he’s been hunting, but a woman who is lonely for love and acceptance.

When her family died in a house fire years ago, she learned to rely on herself and no one else. Trust doesn’t come easily. But when she travels to a different town to begin a new position as the orphanage’s schoolteacher, the new people she meets happily welcome her. However, someone wants her to leave and is threatening her life. Can she allow the handsome U.S. Territorial Marshal, Garrett Masterson, to protect her?

Moonstone (625 × 1000 px).png

To err is human. To forgive, divine.

When Alexa Moore sets her mind on something, she goes for it. After her father’s bank is robbed and the thief injures her brother, she decides to hunt the man down and put him behind bars, which will help her become the Pinkerton agent she has always dreamed about. The people she has asked about the bank robber tell her the man has dark hair and green eyes and goes by the name of Hawk. When her travels take her to Longmont, Colorado, she finds an attractive man who fits that description. As she gets to know him, she hopes he isn’t the thief… but what does her gut tell her?

After Ash Hawk was released from being a prisoner in the mines of Tooele, Utah, he finds himself lost and alone. As a child, he was captured and brainwashed to believe his family was dead, and that God didn’t care. When he moved to Colorado as an adult, his life changed for the better. He was given a great job working on a ranch and doing the things he loved. Then a beautiful woman came to him, pleading for his help. How could he turn her down?

As a relationship develops between them, danger lurks in the distance. Can she trust him? But more importantly, will he understand when he finds out she has been lying all this time?

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