The Tycoons Series 


When Nicole Adkins tumbles into billionaire Mick Remington’s lap and looks into his smoldering eyes, she all but stops breathing. He looks like the sexy model on the front of a romance novel cover. Unfortunately, she’s heard about his brazen reputation with women and she’s not about to let herself be taken in.

Nicole’s grandfather is nearing his last days on earth, and his poor health has taken its toll on the family business – her inheritance. But when Mick Remington shows up in town, she fears the worst. He’s here to take control of her grandfather’s business. The company is ripe for a takeover, and Nicole isn’t about to let that happen no matter how sweet and charming Mick pretends to be.

Mick claims to want to help, but with her entire future on the line, Nicole doesn’t know whom to trust. As she spends more time with Mick, she begins to fear her heart may be as at risk as her company.


Zack Greyson was in the right place at the wrong time. Now he’s the FBI’s key witness in a human trafficking case against a U.S. Senator, and the senator’s henchmen are out to kill him. The FBI places Zack in protective custody and assures him they’ve sent their best agent to guard him… Or is Agent Whitney Lawson their worst agent? Because of her, Zack is discovered and they are both forced into hiding. With stakes running high in a life or death race to the trial, Zack and Whitney find their passions racing as well. Zack knows that one way or another he’s destined for entrapment… he just hopes it’s Whitney’s and not the wrong end of a bullet.

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Can she look past the billionaire’s good looks and charm to find the stability she’s craved for so long?

Orphaned at a young age, Breanna Loveland wants to find a man who she can trust to never leave her. Her boyfriend has been with her for five years, which gives her the security she needs. But when she meets Brad Montgomery – the man her co-workers have labeled the sexiest man alive – Breanna feels things that her boyfriend has yet to make her experience. Brad offers excitement and toe-curling kisses. Her boyfriend offers the normal life she wants. But she’s afraid that loving the irresistible Brad Montgomery will damage her heart permanently.


When a man flees danger to protect himself in a mountain hideaway, will he be able to protect his heart from the woman he discovers in the back seat of his Jeep? Looking for someone who really understands her, she dares give her heart and trust to a stranger.

Justin Monroe's future father-in-law wants him dead. Running for his life, Justin escapes his wedding rehearsal and heads for the hills. A January snowstorm and a stowaway are the last things he needs.

Brooke Cavanaugh awakens in the back seat of the wrong car and is confronted with more than a blizzard. Although leery of men, the handsome stranger captures her interest ... and her heart. But she's not prepared for his secret and how it might change her life.


When Adrianna Olsen agrees to play the role of her super-model twin sister she figures it’s a reasonable price to pay for an entire month living the high life in Venice. What Adrianna isn’t prepared for is the Italian seducer, Gabriele Marcelli, who swoops in and makes her feel things she's never experienced before. For one whole month she’s tasked with transforming herself into her sister, but how can she pretend to be Valerie when Adrianna is falling hard and fast for the sensual and hypnotic Gabriele?

Revenge is the only motive Gabriele Marcelli has in mind for Valerie Olsen. The cruel vixen crushed his best friend two years before, and Gabriele intends to take advantage of the opportunity to get close to Valerie and give her a taste of her own medicine. Gabriele lays the seduction on thick and is gratified when Valerie falls right into his hands. He’s confused, however, by the sweet and naive Valerie he finds himself spending time with. She hardly acts like the cold woman who broke his friend’s heart. Is this all part of her game?


When Police Detective, Talia Russell, from Honolulu Hawaii’s Police Task Force goes undercover to expose a murderer, she had no idea what she was getting herself in to—especially after meeting the CEO of a chain of hotels, Austin Reeder—who happens to be a suspect. He is hiding something, and Talia is determined to bring him down. Unfortunately, to catch the killer, she might have to break a few rules. The longer she talks with the charmer of women, the more she’s drawn to the gorgeous man. Thankfully, her partner, Kurt Hamill, is the one who has always kept her out of trouble. Loving him comes easy. But now she doesn’t know which man to give her heart to – her partner or the murder suspect. Lessons in her career reminded her never to trust a man with secrets…


Honolulu’s Police Task Force detective, Kurt Hamill, transferred to a smaller office in hopes of keeping the heartaches and inadequacies from his past locked away. But when an old friend from Honolulu wants him to stop her daughter from marrying the wrong man, Kurt is sucked into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. To keep them alive, he must face his fears – and learn to love all over again.

Heiress Riley Peterson lives a simple life – thanks to the way her billionaire father sheltered her – but once she meets the gorgeous police detective sent by her mother, she knows her life will never be the same. Instead of going to the church to marry a man she’d only known for a few weeks, she is dodging bullets and running away from the bad guys. Trust isn’t easily earned, and yet, she wants to believe Kurt is the one person who will protect her.


Mixing danger with love can only work for so long.

Police Detective, Kenna Allen's new assignment will drive her crazy - if she doesn't shoot her new partner, first. Liam Hawke is gorgeous, and he distracts her in the worst way. How can she focus on the new case and find the killer if she's always keeping an eye on Hawke?

Newly acquired billionaire, Liam Hawke, wants to continue his blue-collar job, mainly because he loves hunting down the bad guys. But currently, his new partner, the uptight, ice-cold Kenna, is the one who is a pain in his backside. He wishes she would act more like the women he dates. Then again, his heart might be in danger if that happens. Yet, in their new assignment as an engaged couple, he's watching her more than he'd bargained for.

Dodging bullets isn't the best way to fall in love, and that's only if they don't get killed first.


Paralegal, Elizabeth Martin, has two reasons for staying at a mysterious mansion – to help get the property ready to sell, and to investigate the rumors of the place. When she meets the very handsome, Aaron Powers, her suspicions arise. Something isn’t right, and she doesn’t know who to trust.

The heir to the Powers’ billions, Aaron Powers, is only after one thing. Revenge. He hopes the strikingly beautiful paralegal will help him find the murderer. Unfortunately, he can’t stop himself from becoming attached to her – both heart and soul.

Solving a murder is no magician’s trick, but can Elizabeth and Aaron see through the smoke and mirrors to bring the criminal to justice? And can they do it without their growing feelings for each other getting in the way?


He’s looking for an honest woman and true love. The beautiful woman he meets has secrets. Can he trust her with his heart?

She dreams of her ancestor’s past life who had been murdered. She can’t let anyone think she’s crazy or she’ll lose her reputation as a billionaire businesswoman.


Carefree billionaire, Thomas Powers, is slacking in his duties. He’s living a wild lifestyle and letting the family winery business slip away from his priorities. It’s not until he meets a headstrong photographer when he realizes this is the first woman who doesn’t melt whenever she looks at him. It’s a challenge, but he’s determined to change her mind.

Morgan Foster is a photographer for a tabloid paper, and when she suspects there’s more to the story on one of her assignments, she’s determined to find out what is really happening. Unfortunately, that means she must work with the arrogant man who enjoys playing with women’s hearts. Being nice to him is difficult, only because she doesn’t want him to eventually capture her heart.

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As a physical therapist, Christine McKenna is committed to helping her patients find their healing path. Coming off the end of a nasty divorce, however, she may be the one in need of healing. When she meets Aedan, it’s clear he’d be happy to help her in that regard, but her heart isn’t ready to trust men again. With the skeletons hiding in her closet, she may never open her heart to another again.

Aedan Donovan has a bad habit of pursuing women that he can’t – or shouldn’t – have. His penchant for unavailable women has a tendency to land him in a lot of trouble, and this time it’s gotten him hurt and in for a long haul of physical therapy. The moment he lays eyes on his therapist, he’s smitten, and for once, the girl he’s attracted to is available. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to feel the same way about him. Despite her initial rejection, Aedan can’t deny that there is something in Christine’s eyes that tell him she’s worth fighting for.


Can the death of a loved one bring two strangers together?

Cole Langston thought he had found the woman to marry, but her sudden death left a hole in his heart that he didn’t think anyone could replace. His odd dreams of his deceased girlfriend led him to her best friend, Ashley Turner. Yet, Cole keeps hearing his girlfriend’s voice in his head, urging him to help Ashley. He has two choices – believe that he has gone insane or follow the promptings.

Ashley is grief-stricken from her best friend’s death, thinking that if only she had kept a better watch over her friend, she would still be alive. Suffering from her own bad relationships, Ashley is not anxious to start dating again. But when she meets Cole for the first time, she sees why her friend had fallen in love. There is more to her friend’s death than she realizes, and together, Ashley and Cole search for answers. Both can feel their dead friend helping them with the dangerous journey.

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What’s worse than not getting an inheritance? How about discovering a secret engagement to her father’s enemy’s son?

Rayne Kennedy thinks her life is ruined when during the reading of her father’s will, she discovers she’d been secretly matched to Calvin Gates… and in order to get her inheritance, she must marry him and stay married for one whole year. Now she must put her own pending nuptials on hold. No matter how difficult it is, she must resist Calvin’s dreamy eyes and charming smile and remember the kind of life she really wants.

Attorney-at-Law, Calvin Gates has tried unsuccessfully to get out of the twenty-year-old contract his insane father signed with Rayne Kennedy's father. As an obedient son who wants his part of the inheritance, Calvin will follow the contract and marry the very attractive Rayne Kennedy even though she's adamant that their marriage is in name only. But he can't forget the passionate kiss they shared when they first met, and as he gets to know her better, he suddenly wants to be her husband for the rest of their lives.

Calvin longs to discover what true love is all about, but is Rayne ready for the same challenge?


Erin West is after one thing when she checks into the Fiji resort owned by the recluse billionaire – interview the owner for her article in the award-winning women’s magazine she works for in hopes of getting a well-deserved promotion. But when she meets her charmingly irresistible assigned staff assistant, Cole is more than just a distraction for her. He holds the key that will help her write the magazine article, and his secretive nature intrigues her more. Is it the tropical sun that has made her forget that she can’t trust men – or is it because she’s there under a disguise?

When billionaire, Cole Hunt, spots the newest guest, he knows his week will be filled with more than just paperwork to discover why he’s losing money on his resort. The blue-eyed beauty has branded him in a way he’s never experienced. Is it wrong for him to hope Erin can love him for himself and not because of his money?