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The Tycoons Series 


When Nicole Adkins tumbles into billionaire Mick Remington’s lap and looks into his smoldering eyes, she all but stops breathing. He looks like the sexy model on the front of a romance novel cover. Unfortunately, she’s heard about his brazen reputation with women and she’s not about to let herself be taken in.

Nicole’s grandfather is nearing his last days on earth, and his poor health has taken its toll on the family business – her inheritance. But when Mick Remington shows up in town, she fears the worst. He’s here to take control of her grandfather’s business. The company is ripe for a takeover, and Nicole isn’t about to let that happen no matter how sweet and charming Mick pretends to be.

Mick claims to want to help, but with her entire future on the line, Nicole doesn’t know whom to trust. As she spends more time with Mick, she begins to fear her heart may be as at risk as her company.

TheIrresistible Billionaire_Amazon.jpg

Can she look past the billionaire’s good looks and charm to find the stability she’s craved for so long?

Orphaned at a young age, Breanna Loveland wants to find a man who she can trust to never leave her. Her boyfriend has been with her for five years, which gives her the security she needs. But when she meets Brad Montgomery – the man her co-workers have labeled the sexiest man alive – Breanna feels things that her boyfriend has yet to make her experience. Brad offers excitement and toe-curling kisses. Her boyfriend offers the normal life she wants. But she’s afraid that loving the irresistible Brad Montgomery will damage her heart permanently.


When a man flees danger to protect himself in a mountain hideaway, will he be able to protect his heart from the woman he discovers in the back seat of his Jeep? Looking for someone who really understands her, she dares give her heart and trust to a stranger.

Justin Monroe's future father-in-law wants him dead. Running for his life, Justin escapes his wedding rehearsal and heads for the hills. A January snowstorm and a stowaway are the last things he needs.

Brooke Cavanaugh awakens in the back seat of the wrong car and is confronted with more than a blizzard. Although leery of men, the handsome stranger captures her interest ... and her heart. But she's not prepared for his secret and how it might change her life.


When Adrianna Olsen agrees to play the role of her super-model twin sister she figures it’s a reasonable price to pay for an entire month living the high life in Venice. What Adrianna isn’t prepared for is the Italian seducer, Gabriele Marcelli, who swoops in and makes her feel things she's never experienced before. For one whole month she’s tasked with transforming herself into her sister, but how can she pretend to be Valerie when Adrianna is falling hard and fast for the sensual and hypnotic Gabriele?

Revenge is the only motive Gabriele Marcelli has in mind for Valerie Olsen. The cruel vixen crushed his best friend two years before, and Gabriele intends to take advantage of the opportunity to get close to Valerie and give her a taste of her own medicine. Gabriele lays the seduction on thick and is gratified when Valerie falls right into his hands. He’s confused, however, by the sweet and naive Valerie he finds himself spending time with. She hardly acts like the cold woman who broke his friend’s heart. Is this all part of her game?

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What’s worse than not getting an inheritance? How about discovering a secret engagement to her father’s enemy’s son?

Rayne Kennedy thinks her life is ruined when during the reading of her father’s will, she discovers she’d been secretly matched to Calvin Gates… and in order to get her inheritance, she must marry him and stay married for one whole year. Now she must put her own pending nuptials on hold. No matter how difficult it is, she must resist Calvin’s dreamy eyes and charming smile and remember the kind of life she really wants.

Attorney-at-Law, Calvin Gates has tried unsuccessfully to get out of the twenty-year-old contract his insane father signed with Rayne Kennedy's father. As an obedient son who wants his part of the inheritance, Calvin will follow the contract and marry the very attractive Rayne Kennedy even though she's adamant that their marriage is in name only. But he can't forget the passionate kiss they shared when they first met, and as he gets to know her better, he suddenly wants to be her husband for the rest of their lives.

Calvin longs to discover what true love is all about, but is Rayne ready for the same challenge?

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As a physical therapist, Christine McKenna is committed to helping her patients find their healing path. Coming off the end of a nasty divorce, however, she may be the one in need of healing. When she meets Aedan, it’s clear he’d be happy to help her in that regard, but her heart isn’t ready to trust men again. With the skeletons hiding in her closet, she may never open her heart to another again.

Aedan Donovan has a bad habit of pursuing women that he can’t – or shouldn’t – have. His penchant for unavailable women has a tendency to land him in a lot of trouble, and this time it’s gotten him hurt and in for a long haul of physical therapy. The moment he lays eyes on his therapist, he’s smitten, and for once, the girl he’s attracted to is available. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to feel the same way about him. Despite her initial rejection, Aedan can’t deny that there is something in Christine’s eyes that tell him she’s worth fighting for.

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