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Mail-Order Brides 

Bailey McFarland will do anything to prove her worth as a veterinarian, but when a man from her past comes back to interrupt her life, she doesn’t know what to do. Desperate, she sends a letter to a family friend who runs a matrimonial agency, hoping to become a mail-order bride quickly. She doesn’t want to live in the same house with her childhood tormentor. Unfortunately, the vexing man, Captain Emmett Robinson, ends up getting shot, and it is up to her to help him even if she doesn’t want to. All she knows is that the family friend had better hurry and match her with a husband because Bailey is in grave danger of losing her heart – or having it broken forever.


Helena Grayson marries…then in a blink of an eye, her husband is killed by a stray bullet. She had been his mail-order bride, and now feels helpless. For her to start over again, she must take her deceased husband’s body back to his family and become a mail-order bride once more. That is the only way to keep herself safe from her controlling cousin.

When she arrives at the Grayson ranch and meets her in-laws, she is surprised how well they treat her like one of the family. Well, except for Caleb Grayson, the oldest brother. That man will cause her problems, both with trying to find a new husband, and toying with her heart.


Colorado has bandits, rattlers, and cactus galore... not to mention Jesse and Summer, the town's newest and most hard-headed heroes.

Summer Bennett has been at her aunt’s etiquette school, and now she is ready to start a life as a mail-order bride. After answering the ad for a bride in her hometown, she is eager to get back to her roots and see her family again. But when her stagecoach is attacked and a handsome deputy comes to the rescue, she realizes the man is her childhood tormentor, Jesse Slade. With Jesse in her life again—and engaged to her sister—Summer is determined to stop the wedding while at the same time, planning her own special day. Perhaps tying Jesse to the outhouse might make things easier than having to deal with his desirous looks and warm touches.

higgins westward.jpg

All Callie Cartwright knows is that she's got to get out of town fast. Her husband is dead and she's pregnant. If the truth comes out to how her husband died, she won't live to see the day her baby is born.

Thankfully, she went through an agency to find a man in search of a mail-order-bride. Callie is a city girl, but perhaps living out in the country on a horse ranch is what she needs right now. One week later, she travels to meet the man she has arranged to wed but is sidetracked when the train she is riding breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Time is running out and she's desperate, but can she rely on the handsome stranger with the dreamy eyes to help her?

Hannah's Hardship.jpg

Hannah Ross wants only one thing – to leave her rotten hometown where the gossipmongers won’t stop spreading rumors, and to start a new life. Becoming a mail-order bride is the only way. Of course, she must not let her new husband know she’s pregnant. There’s no way to explain why a baby is growing in her belly. Instead, she must put her disastrous past behind her and move forward… even if that means she’ll never find a man to love.

Mail Order Adeline.jpg

Adelaine Campbell is now the sole guardian over her two-year-old sister since their mother died of Tuberculosis. Although Adeline is old enough to be the little girl’s mother, she has decided to pass her off as her daughter since that is the only way to become a mail-order bride. But starting a marriage with lies is not a good thing. However, even her soon-to-be-husband is keeping secrets.

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