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Christmas Sister's Series - BOOK ONE

​Holly Kidman is determined to be the best movie-producer California has ever seen…until her mother’s broken leg ruins Holly’s plans and she must return home for the holidays. During her stay in her home town of Timberland, Montana, fate throws her with a man she’d rather not be around. And yet, once she can get past old grudges, she realizes the charming man and his large ranch inspire her more than she thought possible. Dare she hope for her dream-come-true?

Rafe Montgomery is pleasantly surprised when Holly suddenly returns to town. Still haunted by the one, less than eloquent, kiss they’d shared years ago, he’s disappointed by the haughty attitude she’s come back with. His hope is to change the stubborn and unforgiving woman he’s slowly having feelings for and to show her what Christmas is all about.

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Christmas Sister's Series - BOOK TWO

Ivy Kidman’s dream is to assist the big movie producers, and when a billionaire hires her to make a commercial for his son’s island romantic resort, she can’t turn it down. After meeting the owner of Cupid Island, however, she’s definitely ready to turn around and go home. How dare he call her accident-prone when he is the one falling all over himself? As she works closely with the handsome man who makes her laugh, she slowly starts to change her mind.


Steele Morgan is frustrated with his father for sending the determined woman to his island. His father insists that Steele needs to be in the commercial, but he’s not a photogenic man and he wants Ivy to leave and never come back. But when his competitiveness kicks in when she proves to be just like him, he wants to keep her around a little bit longer… just to see who wins. He feels himself losing quickly, especially when his heart becomes involved.


Christmas Sister's Series - BOOK THREE

Noelle Kidman is still recovering from a bad marriage and even worse divorce. If she decides to remarry, the man will be someone who will go to church with her, pray, and loves her more than anything else. Yet, she is attracted to Blake Montgomery, the town’s wealthy playboy who gambles and drinks with his friends. Blake is wrong for her. If only she could convince her heart of that.

Blake Montgomery has loved Noelle for several years. But being her friend – and her boss – has put him in the friend’s zone. He wants out. He wants her to love him unconditionally. Perhaps he needs the festive holidays to help him win the woman he doesn’t want to live without.


She needs money for her bar. He seeks incriminating evidence to close her. Will the auction be the key, or will her kisses melt his heart?

Cassidy Hilarion needs money to save her bar before Christmas. She hopes that auctioning off her waitresses and herself as a Christmas present for a night out on the town might do the trick. How can she protect her heart when a gorgeous hottie bids on her and distracts her in the worst way? She can’t lose the family bar over a good-looking man.

Mark Carrington is on a mission – find the incriminating evidence to help his father close down a certain bar in town that should have belonged to his family. For years, the Carringtons have tried to get this land from the Hilarions, and Mark is determined to win. But when he gets to know the cute and sassy co-owner he wants more than the bar. He wants her heart.


Humility is a hard emotion to swallow, but Jace Corbett must relook at his faults if he wants to keep from freezing his what's-it off. Literally. In the middle of the Colorado mountains at a family lodge, his date kicks him out of the cabin. The lady in the next cabin is his angel of mercy and rescues more ways than one.


In a desperate attempt to keep a man from her past - who was wanted from the police - from noticing her, Kelsey Manning makes a good-looking stranger an offer. She'll pay Rick Jarmin if he pretends to know her. That mere request leads into a dangerous kiss... An unforgettable kiss through following the bad guy and putting their lives in danger.

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