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Boxed Sets

Pioneer Hearts - Women of the Wild West

Nine best-selling novellas from The Runaway Bride Serie - all in one boxed set.


Step into the captivating world of Stumptown, Montana, where a quaint logging town becomes the backdrop for love, intrigue, and a touch of mischief.


As a local matchmaker extends an invitation to hopeful mail-order brides, the stage is set for romance to bloom amidst the towering pines. But lurking in the shadows is a saboteur determined to thwart the union of lumberjack grooms and their would-be brides. Will love conquer all, or will the meddling hand of fate disrupt their happily-ever-afters?


Prepare for a journey filled with mayhem, mystery, and the timeless bonds of marriage in Stumptown, Montana.


Six best-selling novellas from the series "Gems of the West".

In their relentless pursuit of stolen jewels, lawmen encounter an unexpected twist that may alter their priorities. When an intriguing woman crosses their path, their single-minded focus is challenged. As they embark on a thrilling journey together, they begin to question the true worth of their pursuits. Will they discover that the love of a woman holds greater value than the sparkling allure of precious gems?


Six best-selling novellas from the series "Widows, Brides, and Secret Babies", and "Westward Home and Heart" all in two boxed sets of WOMEN OF HONOR.

In the rugged landscapes of the historical West, survival demands resilience. For these determined women, it means embracing the bold choice of becoming mail-order brides, defying convention to carve out their own destinies.

Swoony Historical Heroes in England


Three best-selling novels, and an award-winning novel from the series "Ladies in Waiting", all in one boxed set.

In a world where society champions rakes as ideal husbands, these daring heroes march to the beat of their own scandalous drum. But amid the whirlwind of societal norms, what's a lady to do but wait? Or perhaps, she'll defy convention and take the lead in this game of romance.

Six best-selling novels in two boxed sets - "Redeeming the Rakehell".


​In a society where rakes are revered as ideal spouses, the men of the Worthington lineage march to a different tune. For them, stirring up scandalous mischief outweighs the appeal of settling down.

Three extraordinary women, burdened with remarkable gifts, crave one simple desire: to be seen as equals and find their perfect match. As Christmas approaches, their fervent hope hangs in the balance—will this season finally grant them the cherished gift of true acceptance and love?

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