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Cynthia Randall’s neighbor is all wrong for her. Rich and handsome, Damien Giovanni’s love ‘em and leave ‘em lifestyle isn’t a fit for her. Cyndi wants it all—the love, the romance, the white picket fence, and someday children. When the new Channel Nine Anchorman shows up at her station, Cyndi sets her sights on her old high school crush, Maxwell Harrington. Of course, he doesn’t remember her, but thanks to the Internet, Cyndi is armed and ready to make him her boyfriend—an easy no-fail method “Ten Ways to Win a Man”.

Damien knows Max plays fast and loose, and Damien refuses to let Cyndi’s heart be broken again. He offers to help her. He wants to get closer to Cyndi and show her the wonderful woman he knows she is… and yes, he wants to win her heart.

But which man will Cyndi want? It’s easy to lose track of who is wrong or right.


Unwilling to let another man control her life, Dr. Jordan Reed hires Brock Hamill to portray her love interest to satisfy her nagging sister. Part of the bargain is that Brock convinces her ex-boyfriend that she has moved on. But Brock has other plans that Jordan doesn’t know about. He blames her for his brother’s failure and embarks on a mission to destroy her psychiatric credibility. Acting the part of a patient, Brock disguises himself and sets out on his mission, but when he realizes the doctor actually does have a sweet and giving heart, he changes his plans. Will Jordan forgive his deceit when she’s learned the truth? Especially since she needs him to protect her from a madman.

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Katelyn Palmer never believed any harm could come from using her college crush as the hero in her first romance novel, the novel that jump-started her writing career. When Shane Hunter storms into town, demanding to meet the writer who used his identity Katelyn is confronted with more than her long, silent emotions. If Shane takes her to court for invasion of privacy, her career would be over.

Shane doesn’t know how to act when his ex-sister-in-law accuses him of having an affair while he was married—and then shows him the romance book as proof. Now he wants to know who this author really is and why she used his name, and most of the events in his life for her story. Desperate to know the truth Shane befriends Katelyn but he does not expect to be attracted to her, even more unexpected is the joy he finds watching his twins fall in love with the woman who is stealing his heart, too.


Jett Masterson wasn’t looking for love, but it slapped him in the face when he first held his father’s secretary in his arms. After thinking of her as his friend for three years, why were his thoughts suddenly moving in a different direction? What surprised him more was that he liked thinking of her as a woman instead of one of his pals. Unfortunately, there was one important rule when working as Vice President of his father’s oil company. No dating co-workers!

There was only one major drawback to being a rich man’s secretary… Samantha Hathaway could not fall in love with the Oil Tycoon’s son, Jett Masterson. At least she knew how to hide her feelings around him. As long as he never knew how she really felt, she could continue to be his friend. But all it took was one dance under the night stars, and one passionate kiss at a masquerade party to mess up her whole world.

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How can a crazy man proclaiming he’s from the future soften a woman’s heart when he needs her help the most?

Fashion Designer, Kendra Whitaker is leery about the strange and terribly dressed man she meets...and she’s even more skeptical when he explains he’s from the future. She refuses to help, but the offbeat man charms her into it, and shows her what love is all about.

Eli’s very existence is threatened, and he needs Kendra’s assistance. The man she’s supposed to marry has locked Eli’s father in a mental institution. Joshua Montgomery must be released and put in his rightful spot as president of Montgomery Aisle. If Eli fails, he’ll not only lose Kendra, but life will cease to exist.

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Erica West is after one thing when she checks into an Oregon resort, owned by the reclusive billionaire. All she wants is to interview the owner for her article in the award-winning women’s magazine she works for in hopes of getting a well-deserved promotion. But when she meets her charmingly irresistible assigned staff assistant, Tate is more than just a distraction. He holds the key that will help her write the magazine article, and his secretive nature intrigues her more. Is it the hot summer sun that has made her forget that she can’t trust men – or is it because she’s there under a disguise?

When billionaire, Tate Sloan, spots the newest guest, he knows his week will be filled with more than just paperwork to discover why he’s losing money on his resort. The blue-eyed beauty has branded him in a way he has never experienced. Is it wrong for him to hope Erica can love him for himself and not because of his money?

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