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Can the faith of a child and a sunflower be the answer to everyone’s problems?

Single mother of two children, Nikki’s life is overturned when one of her daughters is bullied and the other one suspended from school. Then to add insult to injury, the rent is raised on both her home and the flower shop she owns—by the same irritable man, no less.

Being a CEO of a big company, Drake is also dealing with his father’s Alzheimer’s disease and trying to handle his father’s businesses in a small Montana town, but he continually butts heads with the very pretty shop owner.

Together, they must learn to forgive and forget... and have faith in God through the trials life throws at them.

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Unwilling to let another man control her life, Dr. Jordan Reed hires Brock Hamill to portray her love interest to satisfy her nagging sister. Part of the bargain is that Brock convinces her ex-boyfriend that she has moved on. But Brock has other plans that Jordan doesn’t know about. He blames her for his brother’s failure and embarks on a mission to destroy her psychiatric credibility. Acting the part of a patient, Brock disguises himself and sets out on his mission, but when he realizes the doctor actually does have a sweet and giving heart, he changes his plans. Will Jordan forgive his deceit when she’s learned the truth? Especially since she needs him to protect her from a madman.


Katelyn Palmer never believed any harm could come from using her college crush as the hero in her first romance novel, the novel that jump-started her writing career. When Shane Hunter storms into town, demanding to meet the writer who used his identity Katelyn is confronted with more than her long, silent emotions. If Shane takes her to court for invasion of privacy, her career would be over.

Shane doesn’t know how to act when his ex-sister-in-law accuses him of having an affair while he was married—and then shows him the romance book as proof. Now he wants to know who this author really is and why she used his name, and most of the events in his life for her story. Desperate to know the truth Shane befriends Katelyn but he does not expect to be attracted to her, even more unexpected is the joy he finds watching his twins fall in love with the woman who is stealing his heart, too.

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How can a crazy man proclaiming he’s from the future soften a woman’s heart when he needs her help the most?

Fashion Designer, Kendra Whitaker is leery about the strange and terribly dressed man she meets...and she’s even more skeptical when he explains he’s from the future. She refuses to help, but the offbeat man charms her into it, and shows her what love is all about.

Eli’s very existence is threatened, and he needs Kendra’s assistance. The man she’s supposed to marry has locked Eli’s father in a mental institution. Joshua Montgomery must be released and put in his rightful spot as president of Montgomery Aisle. If Eli fails, he’ll not only lose Kendra, but life will cease to exist.

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