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Yours Truly Series

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No one takes Annette Baldwin seriously as an aspiring journalist. Not even her father, the owner of a prominent newspaper. At the age of 25, most view her as a hopeless spinster, an utterly lost cause, and painfully few see the talented writer she's become. When her father is forced to fire one of his journalists, he relents and allows Annette to publish an article under the alias Lovelorn. Lovelorn is an immediate success, and the community is stirred by Annette's moving work. Soon people begin writing to Lovelorn for romantic advice. Annette's father cannot resist the overwhelming success of his daughter's column and allows her to continue so long as her identity remains a secret. If she's found out, it could mean her ruin...

When Annette's own, non-existent, love life begins to blossom, she attempts to heed her own advice--a feat much easier said than done! Is love possible for the Lovelorn to find love? Or will her efforts to become a successful journalist doom her to a spinster's existence?

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Miss Justina Bradford has had her heart broken too many times to count, and when she stumbles across The Lovelorn’s article in the newspaper, Justina hopes this is an answer to her prayers. On a dare from his friends, Gavin Lennox writes to The Lovelorn and requests the help to find him a woman who is pure and true. Is it a coincidence that he’s led to the one woman he’d hurt years ago and still suffers from the guilt?

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